Speed dating events in gloucestershire

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Speed dating events in gloucestershire

Constantine III became ruler, but he then left for Gaul and withdrew more troops.

The Britons then requested assistance from Honorius, but when he replied in 410 he told them to manage their own defenses.

However, following a previous incursion in 360 that was stopped by Roman forces, the Picts and Scots attacked Hadrian's Wall in the far north in 367 and defeated the soldiers stationed along it.

Cnut the Great, who conquered England in 1016, created the wealthy and powerful earldom of Wessex, but in 1066 Harold Godwinson reunited the earldom with the crown and Wessex ceased to exist.The two main sources for the history of Wessex are the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the West Saxon Genealogical Regnal List, which sometimes conflict.Wessex became a Christian kingdom after Cenwalh was baptised and was expanded under his rule.The Romans responded promptly, and Count Theodosius had recovered the land up to the Wall by 368.The Romans temporarily ceased to rule Britain on the death of Magnus Maximus in 388.

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During the Roman occupation numerous country villas with attached farms were established across Wessex, along with the important towns of Dorchester and Winchester (the ending -chester comes from Lat. The Romans, or rather the Romano-British, built another major road that integrated Wessex, running eastwards from Exeter through Dorchester to Winchester and Silchester and on to London.

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